Dreamcatcher - You And I Lyrics English

Lyrics English

01. You say you ran like crazy
02. But you were stuck in the same place
03. Your reflection in the mirror
04. Is such a mystery

05. (Fall in fall in) when the sun sets
06. (Times to be) leave the door open
07. On the night when all light is gone, na na na na

08. Softly fall asleep
09. Softly next to me
10. I'll go to you without anyone knowing
11. Now oh now

12. The countless stars
13. I hope they only shine on you
14. So you won't get lost

15. Open your eyes
16. Hold my hand, every day
17. I'm the one you've been dreaming of
18. We wanted this time so badly, babe
19. Now be with me
20. Baby you and I
21. Baby you and I

22. Familiar roads feel so strange
23. You hear a voice that calls you
24. Endlessly cold eyes
25. As you hide yourself going back

26. This place you came to as if you were bewitched, it's dangerous
27. No no no way

28. Softly fall asleep
29. Softly next to me
30. I'll go in without anyone knowing
31. Now oh now

32. All of your cold tears
33. That fall
34. I'll erase them

35. Open your eyes
36. Hold my hand, every day
37. I'm the one you've been dreaming of
38. We wanted this time so badly, babe
39. Now be with me

40. Open the door
41. Hold me tight and when we become one
42. Bring in all the moonlight
43. Endlessly in the sky
44. I'll be a bright light
45. Always, like in your dreams

46. Close your eyes
47. Hold my hand
48. Forget all the times you were alone
49. I'll be on your side in this dark world, baby
50. Now be with me
51. Baby you and I
52. Baby you and I

Lyrics Romanization

01. Michindeusi dallyeodo
02. Neon dasi tto jejaliyeossdago
03. Geoul sog neoui moseubi oh oh
04. Ilgeuleojineun miseuteoli

05. Fall in fall in haega jeomulmyeon
06. Times to be muneul yeoleodwo
07. Modeun bichi salajin bam (Bam) na na na na

08. Seuleuleug seuleuleug jamdeun
09. Seuleuleug seuleuleug gyeote
10. Amudo moleuge dagagalge now oh now (Oh now)
11. Sumanheun sumanheun byeoli
12. Neomaneul neomaneul bichugil
13. Hemaeji anhge

14. Nuneul tteobwa
15. Nae soneul jababwa maeil
16. Kkumsogeman geulyeossdeon najanha
17. Geuleohgedo wonhan neowa nae sigandeul babe
18. Ijeneun nawa hamkkehae
19. Baby You and I
20. Baby You and I

21. Oh igsughan gili nachseolge neukkyeojyeo (Neukkyeojyeo eh oh eh oh ey)
22. Neoleul buleuneun mogsoliga deullyeo (Deullyeo eh oh eh oh ey)
23. Haneobsi chagawojin nunbich
24. Dolaseo ganeun neoleul sumgigo
25. Hollin deus ikkeullin geugoseun wiheomhae no, no, no way

26. Seuleuleug seuleuleug jamdeun
27. Seuleuleug seuleuleug kkume
28. Amudo moleuge deuleogalge now, oh now (Oh now)
29. Heuleuneun heuleuneun neoui
30. Chagaun chagaun nunmul da
31. Jiwojulge

32. Nuneul tteobwa
33. Nae soneul jababwa maeil
34. Kkumsogeman geulyeossdeon najanha
35. Geuleohgedo wonhan neowa nae sigandeul babe
36. Ijeneun nawa hamkkehae

37. Muneul yeoleojwo
38. Gadeug pume ango hana doen sungan
39. Dalbicheul modu dama (Dama, dama)
40. Kkeuti eobsneun jeo haneule
41. Balgeun bichi dwaejulge
42. Eonjena kkumcheoleom (Stu ru tu tu)

43. Nuneul gama
44. Nae soneul jababwa
45. Da ijeobeolyeo honjayeossdeon sigan
46. Kkaman sesang soge ne pyeoni dwaejulge baby
47. Ijeneun nawa hamkkehae
48. Baby You and I
49. Baby You and I