TXT - Nap Of A Star Lyrics English

Lyrics English

01. I can see even if you aren't in front me
02. I feel you even if you don't say a thing
03. Because I believe in you even if I'm insecure

04. I can touch even if you aren't in front of me
05. I reach even if you've gone far away
06. My heart always dances just at the memory of you like it used to before

07. I wanna be your nap and forever dream together
08. As if nothing is wrong
09. The afternoon sunset and the darkening night sky
10. My heart is filled with you

11. Wooo wooooo
12. Wooo woooo wooo woooo
13. Wooo wooooo
14. Wooo woooo wooo

15. The memories of my childhood years dancing in the starlight
16. Even if they gradually fade away
17. I wish we could be together, clear in your dreams

18. Even when I call out to you at the night sky, the unanswering dark silence, I'm afraid
19. Afraid they'll be forgotten
20. The magical moments, the night sky we used to walk
21. Afraid they'll slip away like a dream

22. In my dream, you walked slowly towards and told me
23. That you've missed me
24. And not to worry as my tears fell (Not to worry)
25. You whispered (Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)

26. I wanna be your nap and forever dream together
27. As if nothing was wrong
28. The magical moments, the glowing night sky
29. They're engraved in my heart

Lyrics Romanization

01. I can see nae ape nega eobseodo
02. I feel you amu mal haji anhado
03. Because I believe in you bulanhaedo

04. I can touch nunape nega eobseodo
05. I reach naegeseo meolli tteonado
06. Neoui gieogmaneulodo nae maeumeun eonjena chumchuneun geol yejeoncheoleom

07. Neoui najjami doeeoseo gati kkumeul kkugo sipeo eonjena
08. Amu il eobseossdan deusi
09. Noeuli jineun jeonyeogdo kamkamhaejin bamhaneuldo
10. Nae mamen neolo gadeug cha isseo

11. Huuu huuuuu
12. Huuu huuuu huuu huuuu
13. Huuu huuuuu
14. Huuu huuuu huuu

15. Byeolbiche chumchudeon eolin sijeolui gieogdeul
16. Ijen jeomjeom huimihaejyeo ganda haedo
17. Ne kkumsogeseon hamkkeyeosseumyeon johgesseo seonmyeonghage

18. Bamhaneule neol bulleodo daedab eobsneun geomeun chimmug museowo
19. Idaelo ijge doelkka bwa
20. Mabeob gatdeon geu sungandeul neowa geoddeon bamhaneuldo
21. Kkumcheoleom geunyang salajilkka bwa

22. Kkumsogeseo nega cheoncheonhi dagawa naege malhaesseo
23. Manhi geuliwohandago
24. Nunmuli heuleuneun naege geogjeong mallago (Geogjeong mallago)
25. Joyonghi malhaesseo (Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)

26. Neoui najjami doeeoseo gati kkumeul kkugo sipeo eonjena
27. Amu il eobseossdan deusi
28. Mabeob gatdeon geu sungandeul chanlanhaessdeon bamhaneuldo
29. Nae mamen alosaegyeojyeo isseo