Oh My Girl Profile

Oh My Girl 오마이걸 also stylized as OH MY GIRL and OMG, is a South Korean girl group formed by WM Entertainment in 2015. Currently consist of 6 members: Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yubin, Arin (JinE left the group in October 2017 due to health issues).

Oh My Girl Fandom Name: Miracle

Oh My Girl Members Profile

- Choi Hyo-jung (Hyojung 효정) Born in July 28, 1994 South Korea.
- Kim Mi-hyun (Mimi 미미) Born in May 1, 1995 South Korea.
- Yoo Shi-ah (YooA 유아) Born in September 17, 1995 South Korea.
- Hyun Seung-hee (Seunghee 승희) Born in January 25, 1996 South Korea.
- Kim Ji-ho (Jiho 지호) Born in April 4, 1997 South Korea.
- Bae Yu-bin (Yubin 유빈) Born in September 9, 1997 South Korea.
- Choi Ye-won (Arin 아린) Born in June 18, 1999 South Korea.
- Shin Hye-jin (JinE 진이) Born in January 22, 1995 South Korea (Past member).