EXID Profile

EXID 이엑스아이디 short for Exceed in Dreaming, is a South Korean girl group formed by AB Entertainment in 2012, On 2016 EXID signed with Banana Culture. Currently consists of 5 members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin, Jeonghwa (In April 2012, Yuji, Dami and Haeryeong, had left the group).

EXID Fandom Name: LEGGO

EXID Members Profile

- Heo Sol Ji 허솔지 (Solji 솔지) Born in January 10, 1989 South Korea.
- Ahn Hyo Jin 안효진 (LE 엘이) Born in December 10, 1991 South Korea.
- Ahn Hee Yeon 안희연 (Hani 하니) Born in May 1, 1992 South Korea.
- Seo Hye Rin 서혜린 (Hyerin 혜린) Born in August 23, 1993 South Korea.
- Park Jung Hwa 박정화 (Jeonghwa 정화) Born in May 8, 1995 South Korea.
- Kang Hye Yeon (Dami 다미) Born in December 8, 1990 South Korea (Past member).
- Jeong Yu Ji (Yuji 유지) Born in January 02, 1991 South Korea (Past member).
- Na Hae Ryeong (Haeryung 해령) Born in November 11, 1994 South Korea (Past member).

List of songs recorded by EXID :

Me & You (May 2019)