Everglow Profile

Everglow 에버글로우 stylized as EVERGLOW, is a South Korean girl group formed by Yuehua Entertainment in 2019. Consists of 6 members: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, Yiren.

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Everglow Members Profile

- Park Jiwon (E:U 이유) Born in May 19, 1998 South Korea.
- Kim Sihyeon (Sihyeon 시현) Born in August 5, 1999 South Korea.
- Han Eunji (Mia 미아) Born in January 13, 2000 South Korea.
- Jo Serim (Onda 온다) Born in May 18, 2000 South Korea.
- Heo Yoorim (Aisha 아샤) Born in July 21, 2000 South Korea.
- Wang Yiren (Yiren 이런) Born in December 29, 2000 China.

List of songs recorded by Everglow :

Adios (Aug 2019) Bon Bon Chocolat (Mar 2019)